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Our longest resident, Panda, is still searching for her forever home. It has been over a year with little to no interest from the public in adopting her. She may look intimidating, when really she is a sensitive scardy cat! She is afraid of raccoons, tolerates small dogs, and overall means no harm. She hardly ever barks, enjoys peaceful naps with Mozart playing in the background, loves any and all treats, and can't get enough of sunbathing. Is she the one for you?


Have you adopted from us and would like your cat or dog to be a part of the "Success Stories" section? Feel free to submit a brief paragraph about your experience and how life has changed (hopefully for the better!) since you brought your new addition to the family home . Three to four good quality pictures are highly recommended as well! Please know that whatever you choose to share will be publicly viewed!

​We'd love to hear your story!!

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Kat's Dog Rescue is dedicated to saving homeless strays from poor neighborhoods, dogs from high kill shelters that are in danger of being euthanized for space, and animals from people who can no longer care for their pets.

Our rescue has successfully saved, rehabbed, and placed over 300 animals since 2011.

We continue to make a difference and be the voice for these helpless creatures, who count on us for help!

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