Type: Rescued from Sylmar, CA

Name: Panda (Previously Sydney)

Gender: Female

Breed: Staffordshire bull terrier mix

Age: approx. 2 years old

Weight: approximately 40 pounds/petite in size

Notes:To experienced and patient home only!! No large dogs in the household. No small children. Fearful of men. Has had a very traumatic past.

About: Panda was found around midnight pacing on a bridge, confused. When a car drove by and stopped because she was in the way, Panda tried to make contact somehow and get in but the car hit the gas and sped away leaving her all alone in high risk coyote territory. No one knows how she ended up out there. The fact is no owner(s) ever came forward and it was suspected that she was unsuccessfully used as a bait dog for a pitbull fighting ring and then dumped or ran away. Physically - over twenty bite wound scars all over her body primarily on her back legs, a tight and heavy belt-like collar that caused early stages of embedment and a bad rash around her neck, ripped ear, body with spinal and rib cage bones protruding, a slight limp on her front paw. Mentally- very tense body and twitching/flinching associated with human touch, depression, avoidance of male figures, timid and insecure behaviors. Panda was very shut down when she first arrived. Over a course of a week she turned into a completely different pup - full of energy, happiness, eagerness to please and be a friend, a joy to take on walks and to the park etc. She learned what toys are for and how fun chasing a tennis ball is. It has taken her about three months to completely come out of her shell. Panda is a lover, NOT a fighter. Unfortunately her past experiences dictate her life nowadays. She cannot get adopted into a home with big dogs because she gets triggered if they run around her, even if they mean no harm (yes, it's very odd). She gets defensive and freaks out, but is totally fine walking beside them and being around them when they are calm and/or not alphas. As far as little dogs go, she loves to lick them and runs away/backs off if they growl at her. This behavior has been consistent so the conclusion is that she just doesn't like dogs larger than herself that she feels are a threat to her. She is also not fond of men so a male owner would not work. No young children either. It really feels like the odds are stacked against her in finding a forever home. We will not give up on her though! Watch her videos and see how great she is for yourself.

Type: Owner Surrender

Name: Ms. Monkey

Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier mix

Age: 2 years old

Weight: 7 pounds

About: Ms. Monkey was observed to be running the street (her home just two doors down from a very busy main intersection in a poor part of town). The mailman confirmed she had been loose for over a month. Her owner was found and Monkey was returned with a request to keep her safe/put her indoors as she got too close to getting hit by cars. Her owner said she would put her inside the house and five minutes later drove off, leaving the gate to the property open, with Monkey once again on the street unattended. Long story short the husband later confirmed she was originally a gift to the kids from a friend and they honestly did not want her. They surrendered her that same day - skinny, insecure, in heat (possibly pregnant), and with a long history of neglect. It was pure luck that she did not get killed because she came very close to it, too many times to count. Despite her past, we have put in a lot of work to make sure Monkey would become adoptable. She is very high energy (is a wiggle worm/long legged/playful), likes other dogs and is very outgoing in getting to know them, likes her toys, is trained to sleep in her dog bed, crate trained, potty trained to go outside in a specific spot, doesn't bark too much, loves tons of attention (velcro type of dog always by your side), knows some basic commands (sit, go to bed, no, come here, her name) and is a great listener/ wants to please, well behaved in the car, great leash manners and easy to take on walks. She is recommended for a semi-active to active home because of her high energy level. Also it would be cool if she got adopted to a home with another dog(s) as she would make a great buddy/play mate! She is a gem looking for the perfect fit of a home that will spoil her and make her feel as part of the family!

Type: Sharing - Not in our care 

Name: LJ

Gender: Male

Breed: Terrier mix

Age: 1 year old

Weight: 35-40 pounds

About: LJ is a typical scruffy puppy that is searching for his forever home. His current family can no longer keep him so our rescue agreed to help spread the word about his availability. He enjoys playing with toys (stuffed animals and tennis balls for a game of fetch), is high energy, has lived in a family environment with children and is good with them, loves to snuggle and is willing to always sit on someone's lap! However, he has a dominant/alpha and too playful of a personality when it comes to other animals so would be best in a home with larger dogs or dogs that wouldn't mind his activity level and no cats. LJ is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to go! Please contact our rescue with your email and phone number if you are interested in him and we will pass the information to his owners.

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