Type: Owner Surrender (Reason = too many dogs)

Name: Yoda

Breed: Terrier mix

Age: 2-3 years old

Weight: approx. 12-15 pounds

Story: Yoda (named after the Star Wars character due to his ears) was part of an animal control investigation involving a hoarding case. The owners were given time to place their dogs before they would officially be confiscated. Our rescue took custody of both Yoda and his friend, Finn, before both dogs were sent to a high kill shelter. The rest of the dogs were taken by other rescues. Upon meeting him, we could tell right away that Yoda was not socialized. He was untrusting, shut down, and extremely skittish, but absolutely non aggressive. He never bothered to growl, bark, nip, or bite even though he was put in a completely foreign situation. He was also visibly underweight, had hotspots, and the beginning stages of fly strike. Our rescue has been working to get him used to riding in a car, using the restroom outside, generally living indoors (he is skeptical of going inside the house), walking on a leash, getting bathed, being petted, and so forth. He has been very receptive to training and is treat motivated. Even though it takes him time to trust a new person, he does wag his tail and approach slowly to get the love that he deserves from strangers. Once he knows you he likes to stand up on his back legs and give tons of face licks or sit on your lap. He appreciates every ounce of attention that he gets because he was deprived of it for so long. He is making progress every day and needs to go to a home that will be patient and very loving, especially after all that he has been through. He gets along well with other dogs, all people, and would make the perfect addition to any type of family.

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